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Brands We Carry

Science Toys + Fun = Magic
Thames & Kosmos
Pure Fun
Bruder Trucks
Melissa & Doug
Star Wars toys
stuffed animals

Bruder Trucks

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Bruder Trucks are quality toys made in Germany.
The Roadmax Series are for the younger hands with softer tires, and needs less fine motor skills to work. They are none the less quality, and fun to play with.
The Pro Series have a never ending selection of trucks. It is easy to roll play as they make many kinds of Construction Trucks, Tractors, and Fire Trucks.
Please come in, and see our large selection we always have on display.


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Schleich figurines first came to life in the 1950's.
The animal play worlds created over the years are a true reflection of nature on a smaller scale, spanning from the lost world of the dinosaurs to domestic and wild animals of present times. Fantacy worlds have also been added, including Knights, the Wild West, Elves, and Fairies.
These highly detailed figurines are not only played with and collected by children, but adults collect Schleich as well.


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We are Downtown South Lyon's Webkinz Connection!
Ganz Corporation first started offering Webkinz in 2005. We carry a WIDE selection of their animals. Newly introduced is the Webkinz Jr. with a separate website for those not yet reading, and the Signature & Endangered Species Webkinz which we also carry.
These adorable stuffed animals are loved by kids, and adults alike.
The good news is that they have educational value. Their website makes the child responsible for the health and happiness of their pet.
The games reinforce reading, and math skills while teaching responsibility. Like one child who fed his dog too much junk food (I tried to warn him) came back two weeks later and said, "Do you
know it cost me $70.00 at Dr. Quacks for my dog to feel better"! Life lessons are the best.

Thames & Kosmos

If you have a child interested in science, come visit us in downtown South Lyon. We carry a full line of Thames & Kosmos science kits, including:

Little Labs
Technology & Electronics
Alternative Energy &
Environmental Science

Astronomy, Air & Space
Fun & Fundamentals
Sophisticated Science
Earth Science & Natural History
Classic Science

Thames & Kosmos offers high-quality science and technology related educational products for children of all ages. Thames and Kosmos places an emphasis on teaching concepts and skills through hands-on modeling of real-world devices and processes, and by offering comprehensive, meaningful reading materials for a rich learning experience. This quality product is made in Germany.

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Elenco Electronics produces a full line of toys that engage the mind of our young children.
Their Snap Circuit kits, Science and Chemistry kits, and Solar kits are the core of their line. Their new Globe that tells time around the world is amazing.
Elenco was founded more than 30 years ago by 2 engineers. The core of Elenco is their strong engineering and design skills.

Melissa & Doug

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Melissa & Doug® has something for everyone.
They started creating toys in 1988 in their garage, and are now one of the leading designers and manufacturers of educational toys
and children's products. Through the years the shapes and colors may change but stacking hammering matching sorting and counting never go out of style! Heir plush line has been a big hit with real life size dogs, and 6' Giraffes!

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Thomas the Train

We offer a number of Thomas the Train engines and destination stations. They are ever popular for little boys and girls alike.

Thomas the Train first appeared in 1946 in the book Thomas the Train Engine. He longed for more important jobs like his friend Gordon who pulls express cars, but his lack of experience held him back. The children soon find out that doing as you want, and not as you should has dire concenquesces.

Thomas the Train definitely makes learning fun.

Fashion Angels

Fashion Angles specializes in 'tween merchandise that will capture your girl's imagination.
For over 10 years Fashion Angles has built a reputation for high-quality, innovative products that cater to the 'tween girls.
You might know us by some of our brands names: Project Runway is one of our best sellers. These binders come with a variety of stencils to help the girl become that fashion designer she longs for.
Enjoy pets? Try our pet designer portfolio, or equestrian portfolio.
There is something for every girl from makeup to pets - Fashion
Angels has it covered.

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USAopoly is a unique company that carries many kinds of licensed Monopoly games. Nascar, Army, Wizzard of Oz, Golf, Planet Earth, Dog, are just part of the endless list.
Need a gift idea? Beatles Trivia, Halo Risk, John Wayne puzzles, M&M checkers, and John Deere Jenga are just a few of the never ending
list games and puzzles we carry.
They are great children and adult gifts.

Green Toys

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Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic, and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions improving the overall health and happiness of the planet.
The trucks and tool set are a perfect size for those toddler hands. What more fun than to have Grandma over for tea with your own unbreakable tea set!We love this line, and know you will too.

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We are not only your neighborhood toy store, but we offer traditional, old fashioned value with Schylling toys.

Let your kids and grandkids enjoy the toys you did when you were young. Classic toys like Jack 'n the box & Steel Safes, Tin and Porcelain Tea Sets brings back the good old days.

Schylling brings back the nostalgic, but keeps up with the times. Panda's Pick are eco-friendly games made from Bamboo Plants! Bamboo plants can reach heights of 75' in 45 days, and absorb 35% more carbon dioxide while providing 35% more oxygen than trees! Our Labyrinth & Chess games have been a hit.

Puzzles & Games

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Puzzles never go out of style. We carry puzzles for boys and girls of all ages. 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000+ pieces.

We carefully pick out games that are fun and rather unique. You'll find board games here at Diane's Doll House that you won't find at the other box stores.

Guide Craft

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Guidecraft developmental toys encourage children of all ages to develope fine motor skills.

Magenetos will capture a childs attention, and stimulate their imagination for hours.
It is easy to do, and their is no limit to the building possibilities.