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Diane's Doll House is truly a Doll Heaven for the doll lover in all of us. Need a soft cuddly doll for a newborn, or maybe a Classic Raggedy Ann or Andy? Teaching your little one to
go potty? The Corolle or Gotz drink and wet dolls are
great helpers, and come with a potty chair and bottle.

Brands We Carry

Alexander Doll Company
Annette Himstedt
Corolle Dolls
Lottie 8"
Baby Stella
Lee Middleton

Melissa & Doug dolls
Berenguer Dolls (JC Toys)
Groovey Girls Soft Cloth
Marie Osmond Dolls

We have one-of-a-kinds!

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Chrisma is delighted to reintroduce the ALL NEW Adora Dolls! If these dolls put a smile on your face, then they have done their job. Their collection of beautiful toddles, cuddly-cute babies, and stunning limited edition dolls from world class artisans are a collectors dream. Their porcelain look and the meticulous detailing of each hand painted face makes them irresistible. Each costume is hand sewn making these dolls a must have.
When you come in and see the large collection we carry, they will surely win your heart!

Groovy Girls Soft Cloth Dolls

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Groovy Girls are always fun and appeal to a wide age range. She is a soft cloth doll with colorful rag hair which is why girls from 2-12
enjoy the Goovy Girls. The Groovy Girl also has her own fun web site that the girls can enjoy. Her clothes are the latest styles, and accessories are what make her so much fun.


Check out her new Manta Ray, and Cafe that came out in 2010. We always bring in her latest styles and accessories.

Alexander Doll Company

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Since its beginning in 1923,the Alexander Doll Company takes pride in creating beautifully crafted dolls to delight children and collectors of all ages.
We are constantly told that we have the largest selection of these beautiful collector dolls in the surrounding area, and welcome you to take a walk down memory lane as you gaze on their beauty. Don't forget we always do 20% off for your birthday (or your anniversary.......remind your guy).
You will enjoy the variety our collection, as much as we enjoy having them on display for your purchase. From the most sought after eight inch Alexander doll, to the quality baby friendly material of their
play dolls, we have them all. Dolls for toddlers and young children are safe, and age appropriate. The collector dolls are timeless with their attention to detail, and are a joy to pass on in the family.

Annette Himstedt

Even though Annet Himstedt will no longer be making dolls for America, we have a nice selection from her Mermaid Collection. Their eyes and lips are dotted with gold, and their cheeks have a mother-of-pearl shimmer on top of the blusher. Get ready to dive into the exciting and mystical underwater world of Atlantis!

Real shells were painted to decorate the net that comes with each kinder. The hair styles are true works of art. Each of the wigs and each of the hairpieces have differently coloured strands of hair, which give the hairstyle even more expression. It is uniquely exciting and never seen before. All dresses feature tulle. Each child is wearing a long pair of trousers, which is layered with tulle. The seams feature hand-crocheted lace, which has been hand-dyed in the factory in Padderborn, Germany. Over that each girl is wearing a tulleunder garment, which itself is layered with a floral tulle. On top of that they wear the tulle top dress, and finally the camisole. You will never
see a work of art such as this.

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Corolle is a brand that embodies all values of childhood: dreaming, tenderness, sensitivity, freshness, and spontaneity.
Babi Corolle dolls are not just soft, and machine washable, but is one of the nicest dolls for ages from 0 on up. Beautifully dressed in a soft velvet like material, the dolls clothes do not come off which is great for the very young, but soft enough to sleep with every night.
My favorite is the 12" Tidoo! Tidoo is a lovely bath baby with a soft bean bag type body, open & close eyes that will float in water! The kids love them, and they come in a variety of colorful outfits that can be changed as Corolle makes fine doll clothes as well.

Need baby a little bigger? Step up to Bebe Charmeur & Bebe Cheri! They are lovely 14" dolls that are soft and will inspire endless hours of pretend play fun.
Emma & Paul are the all-vinyl drink and wet babies, excellent potty-training aids, and fun in or out of the bath.
The Les Cheries dolls are for the girl who is ready for roll play. She is a lovely doll that looks like her - a little girl! The hair on these dolls is lovely to comb and style, and the many outfits they make for Les Cheries makes her in a league of her own. The only down part
is the girls always want another one so they can have a friend, and more clothes! I always have people come back and thank me for suggesting this wonderful play doll.

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Marie Osmond Doll Company

Marie Osmond Doll Company makes quality porcelain and vinyl dolls. The wigs on her dolls are top quality, and the variety of artists
make her collections truly works of art.


Marie now also has the Kewpie dolls, as well as the Whispering Willow Fairies in her collection. Do come in and check out these lovely dolls.

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