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A Sampling of Games We Carry

Think Fun

The game Zingo won the Astra Best Toy for Kids in 2008, and now just like your favorite game Zingo they have Zingo Number Bingo 1-2-3, and Zingo to Go!    Zingo is a game that all ages will play together making it a family/fun/learning game.   Clever Castle helps youngesters build their problem solving skills.   Easy to Super Hard they will never out grow this Clever Castle.   Do check the many other Think Fun games we carry, you will love them all.


Qwirkle is Mindware's most Award-Winning game of all time!   It has won the Parent's Choice Award, Mensa Select, and Major Fun Award.   In 2009 they introduced the Quirkle Cube game as well.    Mindware Games are educational, creative, challenging, and just plain fun.    Check our aisle of Mindware Games.    From Picdoku (Sukoku with pictures) to the Brain Box Games which are great for travel, Mindware Games boost memory, and concentration skills while making the whole experience fun.    Games for all ages.


The Gamewright Company:   Great Games & Puzzles.
Scrambled States of America Puzzle & Book Set.   Read the book, then do the puzzle!    This special set contains a paperback version of Laurie Keller's The Scrambled States of America along with a 150 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring brand new art never before seen in the book.   As a bonus, find 10 state-shaped pieces secretly hidden in the puzzle!   Gamewright also makes many fun card games:   Ugly Doll Card Game, Rat a Tat Cat, Slamwich, and Can You See What I See are just a few.


Briarpatch create family-oriented games based on widely acclaimed best selling children books.    They have received over 300 top awards and honors, and work hard to make learning fun.    Expanded product line includes licenses like the enchanting Madeline, dazzling Emmy award-winning WordGirl, the charming spirit of Fancy Nancy, and the tales of determination and adventure of Thomas The Train.    The best part is Briarpatch is made in the USA!

These are just some of the fun games we carry.

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